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Rosehip oil x Spring

Rose petals

So we've all heard of retinol ingredients on our face at night, the synthetic version of vitamin A (which rejuvenates collagen) but there's also an ingredient rich in the natural kind.

Enter: Rosehip Oil. It's luxurious and has a rose-like smell, rich in natural vitamins C, D, E & beta carotene (vitamin A). It's also rich in GLA, the skin-feeding fat in evening primrose oil.

Here's the highlight reel of how it can help get your skin ready for summer:

  1. Reduce dark spots: especially under-eye it's antioxidants can help reverse skin damage to reveal youthful texture

  2. Eczema & acne scarring: it's essential fatty acid profile, including GLA (read up on why most people are deficient) rehydrates the skin and provides it the nutrients it needs to heal.

Did you know, rosehip tea has been used to support osteoarthritis? It's action mechanism is reduction in inflammation!

Touted by wellness enthusiasts everywhere, but used traditionally by the Egyptians and Mayans, this inexpensive staple is a worthwhile consideration to your regimen.

When buying rosehip oil, ensure it's organic and cold-pressed for maximum performance!

The Ordinary brand Rosehip Oil

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