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How to Vet your Makeup Brand

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Old news! Cosmetic purchases, and vetting their quality, are very important. But we're here this morning to help you make decisions that can help you eliminate nasty toxins from your beauty regimen.

So #1 - Beware of the green washing.

Many companies have hopped onboard with this, which for them is logical for them because it can be lucrative. Bear in mind there are limited rules when it comes to writing "green" on a label, and even less regulation when it comes to "organic".

Here's a process we use for vetting brands for you and for our own purchases:

1. Use a specialized search engine. The Good Guide is a great example of a search engine created to rank common products from 1-10, based on their contents. Items with a score of 10 have no reported toxic chemicals, whereas items scored at 1 should be avoided. You can also use this list for products other than makeup, such as household items!

We recommend: search the brands and products you currently use, and write down anything that pops up with warnings. At your choosen pace, replace products in your routine that could be detracting from your health. When you go to replace it, choose a pre-vetted option from a brand and company you trust.

2. Read the ingredients, always. Firstly it’s important that you recognize the ingredients that you're reading. Secondly make sure the first ingredient is not just "organic" junk. Case & point - there are companies that use Organic Corn Oil or Organic Soybean Oil as one of their first or second ingredients… yuck. These ingredients are very inflammatory, and chances are you're wasting money and time on something expensive that won't deliver. Look for skincare with ingredients like Aloe, organic beneficial oils like Argan, Shea Butter, Prickly Pear, Olive, Coconut, and Almond. Look for things you could or would eat.

3. Remember the ingredients that are beneficial to your skin. When you're buying makeup, consider what you want it to do for you. Yes - it should help you feel beautiful, but what if it could also be nourishing to your skin at the same time? Fighting off a blemish? Demand everything, and smile. The key to finding out what it will do for you is learning about the ingredients. There are brands out there that put Witch Hazel in their concealer (score 1 for fights blemishes). Others include aloe in their foundation for sensitive skin. Beta Carotene? Vitamin C? Hyaluronic Acid? Know what you're looking for. Then enjoy the hunt!

How do you vet your makeup? Any hints + tips? Let us know & comment below ♡

Have a beautiful week!

- yours, FLÖKA

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