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Holidays X Health / An Inside Look on what our founder does to stay thriving

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So! This is a busy season for you, launching and everything- how do you stay Sane?


I would say Christmas/ the holidays is a time where your health can actually be at a huge advantage. The reason why I think so is because of love. It's a time you're surrounded by friends and family, you get to take more time to reflect, care for those in your life and think deeply about reconnecting with yourself.

What do you prioritize?

I always try to really prioritize the key people in my life, and surround myself with love. I'll do healthy things with my mum- take more time for self care through yoga or winter sports like skiing, cross country skiing or skating- and really enjoy being outdoors. In Canada, (I live a nomadic life between British Columbia and Ontario) I always try to make the best of the seasons. Beyond this, I'm reading a lot. I take the time to catch up on the books that I've nearly finished, highlight things- I'll dive into new books. But usually by Christmas I've got a wish-list of books I'll hit at the airport or my iPad, and I've got a backlog of other things from the year I can't wait to dig into.

How do you reset for the new year?

I have had a long tradition (maybe too long for being 25) of journalling and vision boarding. It's my New Years day thing. When I was a teenager, I'd print things out and get deep into what I wanted for the year. This year, I'll probably do something similar but it will oscillate a lot around my agenda/journal and it will be accompanied by an actionable plan.

I also do a journal for gratitude- and this year I'm going to need an extra book because it's going to be a novel! I also do something weird where I think about my inner circle and how I could most optimally help them. It's a brainstorm date scheduled for one.

What is the biggest ingredient to growth?

Curiosity. Hands-down. Do what you love, follow those questions that just creep up and bother you when you don't have the answer: and have the courage to find out. Never give up.

What can't you wait to read?

A good friend of mine gave me 'The Tipping Point' by Malcom Gladwell. I can't wait to finish it, and on my buy list is Game Changers by David Asprey- I'm all about a good paradigm shift.

What book did you love this year?

Originals by Adam Grant. It's an incredible read, and I couldn't stop thanking my parents after it! The Responsibility Virus also stood out.

Back to the holidays, the proverbial question: how do you get over the unhealthy stuff that is associated with the holidays?

For sure. So, my philosophy always revolves around focusing on the positive. Love the 80/20 rule, and I think you can indulge a bit for sure. For me, it just means indulging has to be something I really enjoy, isn't mindless and works with my gut. Also- there is so many healthy things to eat and do! Nutrition wise, cranberries are full of antioxidants, I try to encourage or influence a good sweet potato dish- full of vitamin A and are so delicious. If I'm somewhere where there's a turkey I'll have some, but I'll also have a lot of salad, and maybe pomegranates. It's really what you make of it and sitting down to enjoy with who you love is what matters most. For avoiding things, I say- don't torture yourself. For me, it's important to balance my blood sugar so I avoid letting it move out of control but everything else is fair game! Activity wise- getting out there, going to the gym and dancing instead of really working out has become kind of a tradition. You've got to feel good no matter what you do, so follow that feeling and you won't be lost.

How do you balance planning things and letting go, when you are on a holiday?

I think you've got to trust people and surround yourself with people who you are a true fan of. I think you also realize that if you're planning all the time, you're going to become inefficient at some point you need creative ideas to spark- so you can't run your brain like a machine. Love and others is something that has always made me present. Caring about others is a great practice, it takes you away from yourself which also gives you the perspective you need to think up your next brilliant A to B.

What has 2018 taught you?

Teamwork. Wow- it's been an incredible year, and it's all thanks to the incredible people I get to work with, and everyone in my world. I'm very honoured and grateful.

It has also re-taught me something I knew as a girl- I am strong. And I want to say that, always, because I think it's a beautiful thing for any woman to own and to feel about herself.

The last thing is- connect. Don't hold back. Go for it. Keep connecting and expanding your village. Even more importantly than making everything work- it makes your heart happy.

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