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Trending: Succulent Skincare?

Cactus, Prickly pear seed oil

The coveted Prickly Pear seed has been trending for all the right reasons lately, we're here to give you the latest on why it's worthy:

From stimulating collagen, promoting faster cell turnover, to brightening dark under-eye circles and enhancing elasticity, the beloved prickly pear has gained a reputation for it's potency in incredible compounds that enhance complexion. Namely-

1. Vitamin F (AKA Linoleic Acid) : an anti-inflammatory essential fatty acid that plays a role in wound healing, maintains the integrity of cell membranes, and is reported to help support skin conditions like eczema. It absorbs quickly, and is lightweight on the skin. Acne sufferers are thought to have a low ratio of linoleic to oleic acid, and it has been reported that topical applications of linoleic acid can support acne reduction.

2. Highest in Vitamin E: of all skin oils, it boasts 150% more than E-rich Argan oil. The integral skin vitamin protects against wrinkles, lubricates cell membranes, and help prevents damage associated with sunburn.

3. Vitamin K: Abundant in this seed, helps to brighten your skin and erase dark spots, dark circles and accelerates wound healing.

4. Betalains: Prickly Pear sports the highest levels of this class of most-powerful antioxidants found in superfoods from acaï to pomegranates, they help protect skin from damage, stimulating cell repair while keeping skin youthful.

5. Zinc: High in this plant, known to prevent acne by regulating oil gland activity. It's also an antioxidant that protects against free radicals.

We're loving this organic, potent vile by Aradé cosmetics.

(They're also committed to the economic empowerment of women in the Moroccan communities where they source their fresh ingredients- so we're pretty much all about it)

Note: for all face oils, they must be fresh (like the one picture above) as rancid oil should never be used inside or on the surface of your body

Skin secret: This is magic for the under-eye area



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