Our Hormonal Health Book List

Our biggest goal at Flöka is to help women empower themselves by integrating "Whole"-istic wellness into their lives and enhancing the mind, body, and soul. Reading is one of the core ways to gain knowledge, and we know what it's like to feel lost when it comes to selecting your next book - so we gladly did some of the homework for you.

Here are our must-reads /essentials to help you be well on your way to nourishing your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Period Repair Manual: Natural Treatment for Better Hormones and Better Periods

Dr. Lara Briden

Having period problems or struggling with PMS, PCOS, and hormonal imbalances? Then Dr. Lara Briden's Period Repair Manual is the book for you! She will compassionately show you how to implement diet and lifestyle changes, use natural treatments to combat your period woes, and even how to communicate effectively with your doctor. You'll be well on your way to improving your relationship with your body!

You Can Heal Your Life

Louise Hay

A pioneer in the self-help field, Louise Hay teaches readers to get to the mental root causes of their dis-eases which she believes are stress and negative thought patterns about oneself. She details the power of daily affirmations and mirror work to increase self-esteem and sense of self-worth, which in turn allows for overall physical health to improve. This is a must-read for people curious about the mind-body connection and looking for alternative ways to treat illness.

WomanCode: Perfect Your Cycle, Amplify Your Fertility, Supercharge Your Sex Drive, and Become a Power Source

Alisa Vitti

Alisa Vitti details a 5-step protocol on achieving optimal hormone health with food and lifestyle changes. Whether you are struggling with PCOS, fertility, irregular periods, mood problems, etc., you can benefit someway from this book.

You Are Amazing: A Help-Yourself Guide for Trusting Your Vibes + Reclaiming Your Magic

Sonia & Sabrina Choquette-Tully

Are you a young person or millennial looking to find your way back to your intuition, or you want to learn how to listen to your intuition in the first place through all the noisiness in today's world? Spiritual mentors Sonia and Sabrina Choquette-Tully have created a relatable and endearing guide on how to differentiate between your intuition, emotion, and intellect and aim to have you trusting yourself once again. This book will have you laughing, thinking, and feeling like a good vibes fairy!

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

Elizabeth Gilbert

Nothing feels more frustrating than having a creative block when all you want to do is create something - whether that be writing a song, painting, designing, etc. It can make us be unnecessarily hard on ourselves and start doubting our abilities. Big Magic provides a unique understanding of what creativity is and eliminates the mystery around achieving and tapping into it with personal examples from author Elizabeth Gilbert's life. Spoiler alert: it doesn't have to be painful!

The Stress Remedy: Master Your Body's Synergy and Optimize Your Health

Dr. Doni Wilson

These days, we're all stressed out. Women are juggling so many different roles from being bosses, business owners, mothers, and partners among so many other things. It's easy to see why we're all stressed - and our health is suffering in so many ways because of it. Dr. Doni Wilson discusses how most of our day-to-day symptoms of weight gain, bloating, fatigue, migraines, etc., derive from three problem networks: adrenal distress, blood sugar imbalance, and leaky gut - and gives us tools to change it and feel better.

The Supercharged Hormone Diet: A 30-Day Accelerated Plan to Lose Weight, Restore Metabolism & Feel Younger Longer

Natasha Turner

This book outlines how hormonal imbalances may be the culprit behind your struggle to lose weight, and how to combat this issue. Dr. Turner details a 30-day plan to get your hormones back on track and the integral part hormones play in your weight loss journey overall. Her philosophy is based around eating the right foods to get results faster - check it out for hormone-friendly recipes, exercise and sleeps tips, and so much more!

The Hormone Cure: Reclaim Balance, Sleep, Sex Drive and Vitality Naturally with the Gottfried Protocol

Dr. Sara Gottfried

This is a must-read for women who have been feeling 'blah' about life, burnt out, and lacking energy. Dr. Gottfried combines natural therapies with science to get to the bottom of your health and hormone deficiencies to reclaim your overall wellness and zest for life. In The Hormone Cure, she shares her hormone-balancing program that has been a proven success for thousands of women, based around her thee part strategy of supplements and lifestyle changes, herbal therapies, and bioidentical hormones.

The Female Brain

Louann Brizendine

Ever wondered why women are more communicative than men or remember the small details more than their male counterparts? Then this is the book for you. Neuropsychiatrist Louann Brizendine gets down to the nitty-gritty of the unique structure of the female brain and explains why we think, behave, communicate, and love the way we do.