• Nadia Ali

Sister Duo Changing The Game & Conversation On Inner Health

Spirit. Heartspace. Voice of the soul.

These are all terms used to describe the inner compass and the most authentic part of a human being - intuition. Sonia and Sabrina Choquette-Tully are sisters, intuitives, spiritual mentors, and Hay House authors who have dedicated much of their lives to teaching those who are open-hearted the beauty of trusting their intuition. Most recently, they co-wrote a book together entitled You Are Amazing, a help-yourself guide geared towards millennials finding their way back to their intuition and using it to create magic in their lives. The daughters of renowned author and spiritual visionary herself, Sonia Choquette, Sonia and Sabrina were raised in a supportive family environment that incubated an understanding of intuition being a core part of themselves they could connect to at any time.

“We grew up in an intuitive household which taught us first of all, that our sixth sense - our intuition, is our most important. It is a connection to our authentic self and who we really are. We were taught to live life from the inside out and that intellect is a fabulous tool that needs to be in service to your heart so you’re not constantly fighting against yourself instead of flowing with life,” says Sonia.

Feeling a vibe in their heartspace held equal weight to seeing something with the physical eye - one was not more valuable than the other. It wasn't until they were older that they realized this intuitive upbringing was not shared by many of their peers and was considered unusual as most families didn't allow for open communication about vibes, intuition or feelings. A difficult realization at first, they soon found solace in their mother's advice of not attempting to convert anyone to their way of thinking and rather, focus on the people who naturally gravitate towards their teachings - the whole-brained, heart-brained people.

One of the most frequent questions Sonia and Sabrina receive from their clients, readers, or seekers in general, is the difference between intuition, intellect, and emotion.

“Intuition resides in our feeling body. It’s a grounded, stable feeling that doesn’t talk a lot and doesn’t change. It’ll keep giving you the same message again and again. Intellect is our thoughts and what we think. The way we can tell it’s our intellect is...it’s like a rotisserie chicken on a spit, it goes around and around and it talks a lot. It loves to use words like ‘should’, ‘have to’, and ‘must.’ It's constantly trying to strategize for our safety in a sense, and how to ‘figure things out.’ It’s like wearing a pair of pants that's too tight. Our emotions come in and out like waves, they come in really strong! Emotions seize you - but just like waves they also recede,” explains Sonia.

The ultimate goal here is to be able to train your intellect and emotions to get quiet enough to listen and hear the intuition, which can be viewed as the all-knowing teacher for your unique life. It’s the voice or feeling state that comes in and guides you along your path. Intellect might have an opinion about that, and emotions may have an emotional reaction to it, but the message of the intuition remains constant.

This can also be translated into how we can potentially manage our physical bodies and menstrual cycles. Sonia and Sabrina agree that women can tune in to what their bodies are trying to tell them - as long as they get quiet enough to listen.

“I’m always getting intuition on what I should or shouldn’t eat because I have Celiac’s disease and a very sensitive physical body. So, even things like my cycle can get impacted by the foods I eat. My intuition, if I tune in is like you probably shouldn’t eat gluten or dairy. My brain and my heart might go in different directions about that but my intuition is a constant about it not being in alignment with my body,” says Sabrina.

Trusting yourself to make decisions from your heartspace and intuition is the key here. How do we do that? First and foremost, you have to trust your intuition works by building a solid relationship with it. This is accomplished through consistently attending to, prioritizing, and watering it so it's easier to trust when it does come in. You must give the intuition voice by writing it down, and actively noticing when you do get a 'hit' of an intuitive feeling or vibe. This will train your intellect to start knowing your intuition actually works. It's also important to simply have fun with it by being available in your present moment to play and be spontaneous without being attached to the outcome or 'being right.'

“We are in information overload and are constantly bombarded with tons of information: images, our phones, text messages, the media, everything. Our intuition allows us to cut through the noise to know what’s important. Intuition is what connects us through our compassion and empathy. It’s through society that we’re trained not to trust ourselves - our bodies, our emotions, the vibes we’re picking up on. Especially as women, we’re taught to second guess and be really [in our heads] and justify our existence.”

The female intuition has been a mystical concept questioned by many - are women more intuitive than men? The simple answer is: not quite. While women have been more socially and culturally supported to connect to their feeling bodies than men have, men are also very intuitive and intuition should not be seen as a gendered notion although it often still is. Being connected to intuition is very healing for both men and women, and when you’re connected to your true nature you feel more complete.

“Men are trained early on to disconnect from their emotions and physical body experience. It’s not a matter of whether they are more or less intuitive than women, as women we are allowed more space to express the totality of our experience. Some of it is cultural and gendered. I don’t necessarily believe women are more intuitive than men but I do think because we nurture and raise children through our body - there is definitely a mother’s intuition or female intuition. We have a strong connection to our bodies. We need our bodies in ways that men don’t ever need theirs - especially if you’re going to have children. We have cycles that we go through - shedding cycles, rebuilding cycles, peak cycles, luteal phases. So for women, intuition is so important. Being tuned in to my own physical body and using things like apps to keep in sync with myself and my cycle is crucial," explains Sabrina.

When it comes to period or cycle problems, intuition can lead you to learn the deeper issue within yourself whether it be your diet, self-esteem, energy-draining relationships, etc.

“I use my intuition to have a ‘Whole-istic’ approach. There’s so much information people can get oversaturated, especially if you have [a certain condition]. There’s contradictory information - eat this, don’t eat that! Take this supplement, don’t take that supplement! For example, if I eat a lot of gluten it immediately impacts my cycle where I have a much heavier, much less happy period. I need to eat things that are in alignment with my body, and I think that if I ignored my intuition, I would probably have a lot more health issues which would directly impact my cycle and fertility.”

Western medicine, while convenient and beneficial in its own right has a lot of blind spots due to its symptom-based nature. Sonia and Sabrina express how it discounts the deeper part of ourselves and our emotions.

"How intuitive we are is directly connected to how in our bodies we are because that’s where we receive intuitive guidance. Nurturing the physical containers of our bodies, being directly connected to that can help us navigate to real deeper issues that Western medicine may have missed, but also puts us in a space to advocate for ourselves. It empowers us to make decisions and to say I know and trust my body.”

From childhood to adulthood, women have been taught not to trust their bodies. Our voices are often dismissed by doctors and medical professionals. We learn that periods are shameful things we hide, rather than celebrate - discounting the amazing fact of how women go through literal life and death cycles every month.

“We go through this rebirth and death every month which is so connected to the 28-days of the moon and the 28-day cycle. There are so many mystical things about women’s bodies and what we go through in each cycle. The more we heal our relationship with our intuition the more we heal our bodies - it’s all very connected.”

Being in the menstrual phase of their cycle, Sonia and Sabrina agree its a time to be more quiet, internal, and tuned into themselves. This can translate into being more gentle in their everyday life, doing less intense workouts, and taking naps during the day. During the ovulatory or peak fertility phase - it's a more outgoing, social and outward-facing time so naturally, wanting to be around friends and family is expected. Intuition is used as a navigation tool to serve their bodies' needs as they move through different parts of their cycle. Moreover, recognizing these marked moments in the cycle is the first step to utilizing intuition to support oneself physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

We end our conversation off talking about building healthy self-esteem and the way it directly impacts how much you're able to trust yourself and listen to your intuition. As women, we’re trained to be harsh and critical with our bodies and minds which can chip away at our sense of self-worth.

As we go throughout our lives, it's important to be able to follow our inner guidance system and know the spirit won't lead us astray. Life becomes magnificent once we can differentiate between intuition, intellect, and emotion. In the wise words of Sonia and Sabrina - it's time to step into your magic and "Be you, boo!"

"The more we can connect back to who we really are and our gifts - it can help. I’m not my wounds, I’m not my personality, or this human experience even. If I can give myself some space around that experience and just see myself as learning and growing it can help us be more gentle and give us permission to make mistakes. And go for things. I’m a spirit on a journey learning lessons."

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