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Inside rho's Wellness Journey with the Founder of blithe health

Hi, rho! Let's start your story. How did you start your wellness journey?

my wellness hit an all-time low in 2018... it got it a point where i didn't recognize myself physically or mentally. my insecure state made it difficult for me to keep company, because i would obsessively talk about everything that was wrong in my life- i was waiting on other people to fix all of my problems for me. inevitably, i too, was exhausted with being around me. i knew that i had to make a change and reclaim my health. that's when i rediscovered macrobiotics, calmed down all of the chaos in my life, rebuilt my life from the ground up.

Who is rho?

what i know of ‘rho’ for certain, is that she is a constant work in progress. she is friendly and kind, but also assertive and direct. she is an aspiring thought leader, who confidently walks in her purpose daily by seeking to connect with & uplift others.

What are the top 3 things you do for yourself every day?

1. prayer & meditation to start the day,

2. cooking for myself (an unspoken form of self-care), and

3. burning palo santo as i'm winding down for the evening.

What role has spirituality played in your journey?

oh, it is absolutely everything! god is my rock, god is ever-present, god is all. bible scripture informs my relationships, my tolerance, and my belief in my self-worth. spirituality for me is about connection & release: i need to ensure that my cup is full, that i may pour compassion and kindness into others when they are in short supply.

What has been your experience in health care? Things you appreciate and otherwise.

my experience within the healthcare system has been uneventful. as a bystander, i have witnessed clinicians who are continuously diversifying their practices in the name of cultural competency. however, i also understand that there are still many cracks in the foundation concerning accessibility, and i’m educating myself on the role that ‘blithe health’ will play in bridging this gap with the provision of my future healthcare services.

What are you most grateful for today?

that i am awake, breathing, & able. i'm grateful that i recognize my potential to motivate, do great things, and make somebody else's day a bit easier. oh, and i'm also grateful for my relationship with my mother (i am obsessed with her).

I also loved what you said about personhood. How can we change society to see people as people first?

it's a decision, literally, to see people as people. it takes conscious work and a dedicated effort toward unlearning society's programming. a number of companies have now decided to become more inclusive with their advertising, hiring, and collaborations.

it bears repeating that black women are not props: you can elevate black women, without needing to overtly state that you're elevating black women. non-optical allyship hits differently- the efforts are longer lasting and lead to systemic change.

What was the surprising best course you took in school?

anatomy! hands-down. my god, how eye-opening to see a human body no longer as its sum... but dissected to just its parts. it reminds me of a quote from Geneen Roth- “it’s amazing, and we don’t consider it: your heart pumps ten thousand times a day, without you asking it to. wherever you are in your life right now, your heart has been doing that… ten thousand times a day, without you asking.” we are essentially a walking neurovascular bundle... an undeniable miracle.

What is your vision for blithe Health?

'blithe health' is all-encompassing- we encourage simplicity of diet, slow-living, and shared wisdom as a form of stress relief. my experience with healing my stress, overwhelm, past struggles with my weight, lack of activity... none of this was solved with one (method) alone. 'blithe health' will be an inclusive community of individuals, journeying together toward becoming the best versions of themselves. vague... but possible.

That hits home. What do you want to be remembered for?

for deciding to ‘show up’ & contribute in a way that will make life easier for somebody else.

I really believe in the statement “courage is in shorter supply than genius”- what does that mean to you?

ooh! never heard that one before... it ties into [our conversation] - the shortage of people dedicated to improving the outcome of the next person. too many people have the dream & possess the genius... knowing exactly what could be a catalyst for change in this world. but how many have the courage to make their actions speak louder than words?

V: Beautiful. We all have a list. The way it gets triaged is important. I think that it's so key when reflecting on our own lists to check in and make sure of "Is what the world needs at the top of it?". When you take that opportunity to re-adjust, you get closer to hitting your purpose.

We'll wrap there. With a vision of that world of the courageous. A world where we all step up. rho, thank you for sharing your story with us.

You can learn more about rho, and her story, by following her on IG @blithehealth

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