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Inside Her Regimen with Brooklyn Belanger

"At some point in time we had lost connection with our bodies – but your body is always talking to you, and now is the time to reconnect with our bodies."


Brooklyn grew up openly fostering the creative side of herself – from being a competitive dancer to attending a fine arts high school, she expressed herself in several ways. Her creativity eventually led her into pursuing one of her passions – food. Brooklyn was intrigued by the fact that different alterations in our diets can change our health so much. Not only did she just want to become a nutritionist, but she wanted to understand the entire process. Juggling her work as a Holistic Nutritionist and being a full-time mother, it’s not easy! Read below to learn her story and find out how she includes wellness in her day-to-day.

How does your day get started?

Now that I have a son, I usually wake up to him. We spend around 40-45 just cuddling in bed, which is my “wake-up time” to get my body up and going for the day. Something that I do every morning is drink a large glass of lemon water. After that, it looks a little different each day! If it’s a clinical day then I would first get my son ready for his day, then drop him off at daycare before going to the clinic to set up and do my readings on my clients. If I have the day off, then I usually go outside for a walk to clear my head.

What does wellness mean to you?

I’ve always described it to people as being able to move freely in the ways of life. We can’t always change the conditions of our environment, so doing things that can impact our bodies in a good way so that we can manage anything that comes in life is the goal. It’s also about taking care of yourself in all the different facets of health!

Could you share with us a bit about how your wellness journey started?

I think everybody in the world has their own “thing”, their area – and you do the best in the area that’s yours. At a young age it might be hard to know what that is, but I had known for sure it was food and nutrition, as well as connecting with people, so I chose to go all the way with those areas and make it my life. I just couldn’t think of going to school for anything else!

When did you know that you had a message to share?

There wasn’t a single moment, but I think my message is constantly changing with my life. I knew I wanted to use my own experiences to help others experience things in their life, and I have grown a lot more confident in doing this! One thing that made my career take a turn though, was when I got pregnant. I realized there was a lack in baby nutrition information out there, which was eye-opening for me.

How do you take time for balance and self-care?

For me, self-care has become the little things. It’s like a ripple effect! If I do one thing like having my lemon water in the morning, other things will follow. Since I’m blessed with a baby that sleeps a ton and goes to bed quite early, I get to take the evenings for myself. Whether I just need some quiet time, or to binge watch a show, or anything – I make sure to never overbook myself in the evenings.

We all have stress so we’re curious – what do you do to manage it, and how has your outlook on stress changed?

I think the goal isn’t to live a stress-free life; it’s more about understanding the different depths of stress management, and what in life feeds into those areas. Each night I do a five-minute journal session to write down what I need to do for the next day, which really helps. There is also a lot more than just day-to-day stress, so what has helped me to keep mindful is just meditation and fitness, and at least being outdoors for half an hour each day!

What’s your go-to snack?

I love some sort of blended coffee or tea. It usually includes dates, collagen, coconut cream, and a tea or coffee blended up.

What do you pick up at a grocery store?

I usually stick to the outside of the grocery store. It’s my little tip if you feel overwhelmed by grocery shopping! If you do your shopping in the aisles, it would most likely be processed food. I usually pick up coconut cream, organic meat, grass-fed yogurt, and snacks for my son 😊

How do you and your inner network support each other in living your best life?

I have an amazing group of women in my life that are also practitioners. We are always collaborating with each other, sharing each other’s stories, and keeping up-to-date with one another. I feel very lucky! I try to be a “grow with me” person rather than a “follow me” person.

What is your favourite wellness trend?

Something that has stuck in my life is bulletproof coffee! It’s just something that has worked for me, and I play around with what I put in it.

Do you have any advice for our audience?

Something I am very passionate about and want to remind people is that you are your best healer. It’s not about following someone on Instagram, or going to see a practitioner, but knowing that you know yourself the best. Maybe you need someone to coach and guide you along the way but knowing that you are enough, as you are, is key. At some point in time we had lost connection with our bodies – but your body is always talking to you, and now is the time to reconnect with our bodies.

What’s your big vision?

I understand the biggest obstacles that stand in the way of connecting people to their best self, and how to get past that. My vision would be to create a platform or café space, so that people can come in knowing there is food prepared with health being kept in mind the whole process. I want people to understand the role that they play in their whole wellness, and help them reach their powerful selves.


Huge thank you to Brooklyn for taking the time to share her story with us! You can find out more about her @nourishedbyb

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