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Inside Her Regimen with Medicine & Society Student Sloane Chmara

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" I don’t think there is a recipe for being happy; it's something that really has to come from yourself!


This week we interviewed the bubbly Sloane Chmara (@kaleandkravings), a college student and holistic wellness coach. Currently in school studying Medicine, Health & Society with a focus on Health Behaviors, Sloane spreads her message through being an online holistic wellness coach, her blog, and her recently started Youtube channel! Being a dancer since the age of three, Sloane has always led an active lifestyle and was interested in studying the science behind nutrition. After taking up cooking as a hobby, she began sharing her amazing recipes with the wellness community. Her interest in astrology and energy crystals also means she loves advocating relaxing spirituality practices as an important part of wellness. Read below to learn more about her regimen!

How does your day get started?

My morning routine is so important to me! I wake up and immediately jump out of bed (I’m not a snoozer) and wash my face/brush my teeth etc. Next, I choose a mantra card from a deck I use by Gabriella Bernstein and then I choose a crystal or two for my meditation. Then I do a few yoga stretches and go through my gratitude practice - thinking about the specific things in my life that I am grateful for. Next, I meditate for 2-15 minutes depending on the day. Usually I use a podcast or YouTube video to guide me. The next step is journaling which has been a super helpful in helping me reflect, decompress, and make decisions. Finally, I take a few minutes to visualize the future and manifest the events/feelings that I would like to bring into my life. After my morning routine is complete, I head to my kitchen for lots of water, warm lemon water, and a KK Greenie!

What does wellness mean to you?

Wellness to me means being in alignment in all mind, body, and soul. That’s the broadest definition, since wellness means something different to everybody. As long as you yourself feel well in all areas of your life, then that’s the optimal wellness! How do you incorporate wellness throughout the rest of your day? I’m a strong believer in adding small sustainable changes to your life. I think it’s important to start with baby steps, since wellness is more of a lifestyle and not rules or checking off a list. Some things I do is drinking a ton of water, taking good care of my skin, prioritizing healthy relationships, and exercising the body and mind with meditation. As well, surrounding myself with things that make me happy; whether its people or crystals… or my bed!

Share with us a bit about how your wellness journey started! I’ve always lived a very active lifestyle. I was a dancer since I was three, became a Varsity cheerleader, and now I’m always hiking. However, it was in high school where I realized I wasn’t always feeling great and at times, insecure. I had a baking business, which meant that I had my share of sugary foods. Since I was interested in science, I experimented a lot with the different diets there were and the science behind them, which was not necessarily the healthiest thing to do. When I went to college, I wanted to have the full college experience so I let go of all my diet rules. By the end of first year I wasn’t feeling good again, so I started cooking all my meals. When I became passionate about my cooking, I began sharing my recipes on Instagram with others.

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When did you know you had a message that you wanted to share? I think when I first hit 1000 followers on Instagram, I knew that what I was doing could really help a larger group of people than I was expecting, and that my words would be taken seriously. I always knew that what I had to share would be helpful, but this was not put in perspective until there was this milestone!

How do you make time for balance and self-care? I make it a priority. Especially with school, it can be really challenging. I make sure to make time for things that make me feel good, which is non-negotiable. For example, even meditating for 2 minutes in the morning can help me. If its something as important as self care, I will make time for it.

How does your regimen change when you travel? For my essentials, I try to bring snacks, a couple of crystals for better energy since I don’t like flying, and lavender oil to help calm me down. I still try to remain active just by walking, or hiking, but I don’t really stress about working out, journaling, or eating as healthily as I usually do. I also try to find best food options that will make my body feel the best, since feeling good is a priority. Mostly I just let myself relax and go with the flow!

We all have stress, we’re curious – what do you do to manage it, and how has your outlook on stress changed? I realized that I actually work the best under a tight schedule, which means I do create an unnecessary amount of stress. I am obsessed with making lists to organize everything – seriously, I have 200 lists. To relieve stress, I make sure to carve time out for a workout or yoga class, or even using deep breathing techniques on the spot. I also make sure to take breaks often while I study (this is how I learned to do a headstand during finals!). I’ve learned that doing these things helps relieve the stress, as well as having a good support network to talk to whenever I need them.

What is your go-to snack for a pick me up in the daytime? Energy balls. I find energy balls are the perfect snack because they’re easy to make and full of protein, carbs, fat, and fibre, and everything you need. It’s the best substitute for packaged protein bars. I also love snacking on raw veggies along with the energy balls.

Of the following 7 pillars – nutrition, sleep, cognition, mood, cycle, fitness, and beauty – which are the highest priority to you, and why? To me, nutrition is one of the highest, since what you put in your body has huge affect on what you. Mood is second – I try to live my life in a positive and love-centred way. Our minds are so extremely powerful and having a strong sense of self and clear mental health is really important and often overlooked. Fitness is third – even if its simply going for a walk, not necessarily working out, I think keeping your body moving is important.

How do you define innovation? Innovation is creating something extraordinary; something that’s out of the box, and something that is useful and helpful. When I think of the word innovation, it’s synonymous to magic, something awe-inspiring. If the result is a product, then it’s something you can see the heart and soul of.

What are your favourite skincare tricks & products? I struggled with acne when switching birth controls, and from that process I learned simplicity is key, which means finding a few products for skin and sticking with it. Tips would be washing your face twice a day, always moisturizing with SPF, and buying products that are non-toxic and as natural as possible. I love Cocokind – their entire skincare line is amazing, and is the only brand that I use religiously. Laki bath products are also my favourite for Epsom salts, scrubs, and body sprays.

How do you and your family support each other in living your best life? My family is super close, which is what I’m super grateful for. We’ve never been shy about sharing our love for each other. We love doing activities together, such as hikes or even just having dinner together each night. We love sharing our successes and celebrate each other often.

What are you favourite wellness trends? One of my favourite trends is transparency. Instead of infuencers and companies trying to frame their life as perfect (I had my wisdom teeth taken out recently but was still loved posting a ton of Instagram stories!), being realistic about your life is what people want to see. Another trend is that people are getting more into meditation, crystals, and spirituality

And, your least-favourite? Counting macros or counting calories. I don’t like that there are always “food rules”, for example not eating carbs after lunch. Since we are all different and don’t know how another person’s body works, I don’t like generalizing and following “food rules”.

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Do you have any advice for our audience on how to stay positive, and maintain a good outlook?

Get to know yourself really well. Know that everything you need is within yourself. Start with meditation, get a journal, and explore while being really honest with yourself. Positivity and brightness is one of my favourite parts about me, but it doesn’t mean I don’t have bad days! I don’t think there is a recipe for being happy; it's something that really has to come from yourself!

What advice do you have for someone who’s ready to start sharing their message? Number one piece of advice: just start. Don’t second guess yourself or you’ll never feel ready. And when you do, stay being authentic to yourself. Don’t be scared that there’s not enough room for you – there’s always room for more voices and people that are trying to help.

When in the grocery store – what do you pick up?

My core list: lemons, berries, spinach, coconut yogurt, avocados, and various vegetables. I try to not buy packaged foods, but sometimes I do like to try some from the brands I like.

At the end of the day, how do you complete your regimen? I drink an herbal tea, like peppermint tea. I have an oil to diffuse. I also always read before I go to sleep. A wellness book, or something fun to read, helps me go to sleep, and puts my mind to another world. Sometimes I would Netflix, but I still read after.


A big thank-you to Sloane for being so genuine and for chatting with us! You can check out her instagram: @kaleandkravings

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