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The Calm Mineral

Magnesium and salt mineral bathing for hacking your calm and "flow"-state

Did you know, most people are magnesium deficient?

Leading nutrition experts consider magnesium supplementation essential as most people in the US and Canada are deficient. It's not your dietary choices that are to blame- industrial agriculture is increasingly the cause of soil depletion which results in decreasing magnesium levels in our food sources.

This is a probelm, as Magnesium is crucial to over 300 biochemical reactions in the body! Essential to a thriving life, its availability directly impacts our energy levels, are used by every organ, and every cell.

In a busy modern world, it's important to intake magnesium rich foods, like almonds, spinach, pumpkin seeds, avocado, flax, figs, bananas, and broccoli. Unfortunately, oral magnesium is not tolerated well by certain individuals and some forms have as low as a 4% absorption rate.

Supplementation Secrets

When supplementing, it is wise to avoid magnesium 'citrate' as it acts as a laxative. Always read the word that follows "magnesium", and look for a bisglycinate, or a chelated form!

Or! Try option two: topical application. It's a form of transdermal magnesium which is highly assimilated in the body, and bypasses the digestive tract. Its primary ingredient comes from high quality magnesium salt derived from the depths of the earth’s interior – via the ancient Zechstein seabed in Europe. Neat right?

You can find it in a bottle used for topical application, and compliment it with a an epsom-salt bath.

The benefits of using magnesium range from fixing fatigue to insomnia, getting you back to a happy (calm) place, and preventing muscle spasm, anxiety, hypertension, improving digestion and detoxification.

It can also benefit your skin!