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Your Every Reason to Pomegranate

Pomegranate superfood biohacking stem cell protection, fertility ancient ritual

Rich in all vitalizing nutrients- Vitamin C, K & Folic acid, the gorgeous pomegranate was of course embraced by ancient cultures to enhance their fertility.

Today we know beauty to be rich feedback, (think hair, nails and skin) which can lend great insight to your fertility, the ultimate eco-indicator of your health.

From the tradition's of Greeks, to the Armenians and Chinese, pomegranates have had deservingly earned their coveted reputation Today, research is enlightening our eyes to these wisdoms. Findings range from protecting newborns from stem cell damage due to oxidative stress, to lowering blood pressure due to it's polyphenol compounds.

So what's the secret? Pomegranate's deep red hue is your first clue. Rich in punicalagins, their antioxidant value is found to have three times the ORAC value of red white and green tea.

What's next? Fat. Conjugated Linoliec Acid, CLA, or the type of fat that burns fat is abundant in the seed oil of this fruit.

Just as pomegranate has shown to be beneficial to female reproductive systems due to its nutrients, it has equally been shown to protect males. On top of decreasing blood pressure, protecting the prostate, it has been reported to increase testosterone, libido and improve sperm quality.

Evidently from perfecting beauty routines, to preventative health and supporting healthy pregnancies- pomegranate is our go-to powerhouse.

How do you love to eat it?


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