• Leily Farman-Farmaian

Antidotes to Allergies

As winter becomes spring, flowers start to bloom and life begins anew. Unfortunately, for many of us, spring also marks the beginning of allergy season, a time when our eyes become itchy, we start regularly sneezing, and experiencing congestion.

These symptoms are caused by a protein called histamine which is released as a result of our immune system exhibiting a hypersensitive response to allergens, like pollen, entering our bodies.

Antihistamines help to prevent allergic reactions by combatting histamine activity. While allergy medications, which work as antihistamines, are a viable way of reducing the effects of these symptoms, they're not a natural solution and often have their own side effects.

There are other natural remedies that you can implement too:

-Raw honey: eating raw honey will help your body build a tolerance to pollen.

-Lemons and limes: rich in vitamin C and immune-boosting antioxidants. Drinking lemon water also helps wash out toxins.

-Quercetin: an antioxidant that acts as a natural antihistamine, found in apples and onions.

-Probiotics: help to strengthen your gut, where more than 80% of immune function is stored.