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A Simple Guide to EMF and Wearables


In our era where there is increasing accessibility to technology that accommodates and makes our lives easier, wearables are the next new expansion in connectivity. Not only do we now carry our phones or laptops with us at all times, but use of wearables like smart watches and earbuds have become widespread. Of course, the benefits of these technologies are endless – you can connect your wearables with phone apps, check your notifications on the go, and receive calls with just a tap of your wrist – but we’re sure you have also heard of the potential health concerns of having such electronic devices within constant close proximity of you.

These wearables have an EMF (Electric Magnetic Frequency), which means that to a certain extent, they expose us to electromagnetic radiation. But before you get too worried – this topic is just something to be mindful about while we are all wearing our smart watches, and we’ll dive deeper into what EMF is about and how you can best keep yourself safe!

What is the health issue associated with wearables?

An area of concern is radiation emissions from our wearables. Since we often use our wearables on the daily, the real health concern then is cumulative exposure and long-term risk.

First, let's break down the science behind the harmful effects of EMF. Most of the negative effects of EMFs are directly related to excess amounts of calcium in your cells. On the outer layers of your cells sits cellular pumps called voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCCs). When your VGCCs are exposed to EMF, they open up to allow an enormous influx of calcium into your cells. The excess calcium in your cells causes a reaction resulting in the formation of peroxynitrites, which are dangerous oxidant stressors. Peroxynitrites can then break down to form free radicals, which could put you at risk of developing serious physical and psychological conditions.

The radiation from EMF is coming from things such as WiFi and Bluetooth used in your devices, which would have passed FCC standards, a policy on human exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic fields. However, keep in mind that not all radiations are created equal. The radiations emitted from these devices are all low frequency and non-ionizing, which means that the potential for detrimental health concerns are very low (and certainly not as detrimental as cancer!). Many sources out there have investigated deeper into the science behind it and have found the risk occurs only if we keep wearables constantly on our body for long term.

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How can I get around this?

So now that we understand the concerns around EMF, we should understand that these technologies are most likely here to stay and it's not a bad thing! They continue to bring convenience into our lives and there are simple ways to protect yourself from radiation emissions.

  1. Keep yourself informed. Reading about potential risks in technology can help you understand your devices and know if there are things to be done to prevent that risk. It can also help ease your worry about health concerns as you continue educating yourself.

  2. Ensure your accessories are safe. Making sure your wearable come from a trusted and reliable brand is a must, which means they should have been tested to past any safety standards.

  3. Get an anti-radiation accessory. Accessories such as the Fitbit, Watch & Hearing aid protector can be used on phones, wearables, or hearing aids. Simply put the protector on the backside of the watch, and it neutralizes the impact of the radiation. Phone cases are also available for this purpose.

  4. Avoid long-term exposure. Something to be mindful about is to keep a distance from your devices. For example, keeping your phone or wearables away from you while you are sleeping will surely help decrease exposure.

  5. Get grounded. “Earthing” is a concept that simply involves walking along the ground bare foot, absorbing the Earth’s negatively- charged electrons, helping you detox from EMF exposure.

  6. Spend more time with your loved ones and nature. You can’t go wrong with this one. A nice addition to the steps above is allocating time to disconnect from your devices for a while and using the time to connect with your loved ones or venture out into nature. Turn off your cell phones, take off your wearables, and use the time to read a book, or for mediation.

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For concluding thoughts, EMF is something for us to be mindful (but not fearful) about as we continue in our day to day lives. With the help of these easy tips, there’s no reason for you not to continue living your happy, healthy life!







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