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Inside the Regimen of an Aussie Wellness Coach with Jade Champion

Wellness Interview Holistic Wellness Coach Australian by Floka

We were very excited to invite Jade Champion for an interview and have a closer look in to her daily health routine! Jade is currently working as a Wellness Coach & RN to help guide people to the healthiest version of themselves. Read below to learn her story:

Starting from a young age, Jade did not feel like the best version of herself; she often felt sick and unwell, so she set out to find the best way to help herself. After various doctor appointments and supplements, she realized that simply focusing on herself and the foods she put in her body worked the best. This motivated her to help others with their wellness through being a nurse, and now in her latest journey to expand her platform via Wellness Coaching.

Juggling these passions means stress is inevitable, so setting time aside some downtime in between her schedule is a must. She loves watching shows on Netflix and has an adorable puppy named Leo (who made a special appearance during the interview!) she loves playing with. Soon she'll be traveling to the tropics, too, to get some real relaxation!

How does your day get started?

Usually I wake up around 6 am to my cavoodle puppy licking my face! My perfect type of mindfulness is cuddles in bed with my partner Andrew and puppy Leo. Once I wake up I drink 1-2 glasses of filtered water to rehydrate my body.

What does wellness mean to you?

My wellness philosophy is all about balance. This includes all areas of life including happiness, career fulfillment, loving relationships, whole foods, movement, and rest.

How do you incorporate wellness throughout the rest of your day?

What I need changes from day to day. I stay balanced and well by tuning in to what I need on that day. My daily non-negotiables are lots of filtered water, relaxation techniques such as breathing, and whole foods.

Share with us a bit about how your wellness journey started? I was lucky to have a mother that is quite health-focused. I was a child that loved veggies and avo on toast! However I haven't always felt well, and around the age of 19 I really started to explore my own wellness. I noticed huge difference that I felt when I ate whole foods and enjoyed life. This journey was really fueled by my experience caring for sick people as a nurse and seeing the link between lifestyle choices and health.

When did you know you had a message you wanted to share? That's a great question! When I was about 19 I knew that I needed to create an online wellness platform, but I didn't have the courage to start until I was 23!

How do you make time for balance and self care? I'm shocking when it comes to self care! It's really something that I have to schedule. During my Health Coach study I also learnt that self care can just be taking a shower if we take the time to make it peaceful and nourishing.

How does your regimen change when you travel? I'm such a homebody and I love having access to my usual favourites such as the specific coconut milk that I use and things like that! When I travel I embrace the rest and relaxation and choose whole food options where I can.

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We all have stress, we're curious- what do you do to manage it, and how has your outlook on stress changed? I'm quite a stress head and - I'm not going to lie - there have been many times when I've just been stressed about being stressed! I now believe that life is stress and we can only control how we cope with that stress. Getting enough rest, breathing, and writing to-do lists are ways that I manage overwhelm.

What is your go-to snack for a pick me up in the daytime? A banana smoothie, hummus and whole food crackers or my beauty bites!

Of the following 7 pillars- (nutrition, sleep, cognition, mood, cycle, fitness, and beauty) - which are the highest priority for you, and why? Nutrition and cycle! I feel my best when I eat nutrient-dense whole foods. I find that this ensures my sleep, cognition, mood and appearance are at their best. I also highly prioritize cycle; I aim to tune into what I need during different times in my monthly cycle.

How do you define innovation? I love this question! I believe innovation requires creativity and feminine energy. It is crucial for success of a business and success for its clients. As a 'rebel' personality type being innovative in my biz really fuels me and gets me excited.

What are your favourite skincare tricks & products? I believe nothing beats a healthy glow! To keep my skin healthy I drink lots of filtered water and eat whole foods for nourishment and gut health. I love coconut oil as a body moisturiser and I swear by biology serum on my face.

How do you and your inner network support each other in living your best life? My boyfriend and I are always giving each other pep-talks! We support each other daily, whether its just listening, providing advice or doing more around the house to help one another. It is so important to do life with someone that shares the same life vision.

What are your favourite wellness trends? I love that wellness is a trend! Its very cool that being aware of our health is in and it gives hope that future generations will continue to thrive. I'm loving that more and more people understand the link between food, health and success. I'm also a sucker for a turmeric latte!

And, your least-favourite? I'm not a fan of restrictive or low fat diets and its good to see that people are catching on to health as a lifestyle not a quick fix.

Do you have any advice for our audience on how to stay positive, and maintain a good outlook? Yes! Find what inspires you and surround yourself with it! Listen to podcasts and music, watch Youtube videos, and read books!

What advice do you have for someone who's ready to start sharing their message? Start! Step one. Get clear on who you are. Step two. Get clear on what your message is. Step three. Have a reason WHY its so important to you. Step four. Do it and don't take advice from anyone that hasn't made an impact sharing their message.

When in the grocery store- what does Jade pick up? I get my veggies from the farmers markets and my meat from an organic butcher. In the grocery store I buy my whole food staples such as oats, coconut milk, pure peanut butter, organic tinned tomatoes, chia seeds and brown rice.

At the end of the day, how do you complete your regimen? I have a nice shower, moisturise and get cozy! I end the day with a nourishing dinner such as green curry, spaghetti bolognese or chicken with roast veggies. Every now and then I enjoy a nice glass of red wine!

Big thank you to Jade for sharing her wellness journey and story, you can follow her on Instagram here: @a_well_life or check out her website: www.awelllife.com.au