• Leily Farman-Farmaian

Cravings Wake your Sleep?

Hack your sleep

Sleep plays an important part in maintaining our health. We feel it, but some times it's easier to catch your Zs than others. Sometimes, many of us find ourselves waking up in the night or unable to sleep, leading to negative effects such as exhaustion, can accumulate over time.

One remedy for a restless night is eating raw honey before bed. Why?

Your brain continues to work and use energy as you sleep, running on glycogen, a type of sugar, as its fuel source. Your brain first uses your liver glycogen stores and, once those have been depleted, it starts using the glycogen found in your muscles.

This is particularly helpful if you try to stick to a low-carb diet, or limit your carbohydrate intake later in the day.

But low glycogen levels in your liver can trigger the release of stress hormones because the brain thinks there is no more fuel left for it to use. Eating raw honey before bed boosts glycogen levels in your liver, making it so that the brain has enough energy stores to use until your next meal in the morning.

What else has also been documented to be helpful? Krill oil. Hear us out- the brain needs Omega 3s- EPAs and DHAs to help repair overnight. Try it for 3 nights and let us know how it goes!

To brilliant health,

your flöka team