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Going with the Flow: Biohacking Your Cycle with Cycle Syncing

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Sometimes, us women can feel like we’re on a constant emotional roller coaster. One minute you’re in tears, scooping bites of ice cream out of an entire tub; the next you’re confidently walking into your spinning class with enough energy to go for hours. But these fluctuations aren’t random!

Throughout your cycle, hormones are constantly shifting between each phase. This fluctuation of hormones actually provides predictable phases to our emotional status, appetite, energy, digestion and cravings, and sleep quality/needs. This is where the biohacking trend of cycle syncing comes in. By knowing the characteristics of each phase, you can make choices that will optimize your experience and get what you need. Cycle syncing is about “reteaching people to be in their body and accepting that women are cyclical in nature, and there’s real power to that and you can harness it,” said Katinka Locascio, founder of Earth & Sky Healing Arts. You have the power to feel good, all the time!

How does it work?

There are four distinct cycle syncing phases, with unique characteristics:

Menstrual Phase (Days 1-7):

  • How you feel: Lowest energy levels. Slow down and look inward. Store up energy for the rest of you cycle.

  • What to eat: Warming and nourishing foods like stew and soup. Include Iron-rich foods and Omega-3 fatty acids.

  • How to exercise: Gentle yoga, pilates, and walking. Take time for self-care.

Follicular Phase (Days 8-13)

  • How you feel: More energy and brain power. Time to problem solve. Try new social activity or be productive by scheduling work meetings.

  • What to eat: Protein and vegetables for estrogen support. Foods high in vitamin E to nourish growing follicles.

  • How to exercise: Intense workouts! Try doing heavy weights or HIIT.

Ovulatory phase (Days 14-21)

  • How you feel: You’re feeling confident. Have that difficult conversation you’ve been avoiding. Schedule a date night!

  • What to eat: Cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower and brussels sprouts to flush out excess estrogen.

  • How to exercise: High-impact workouts and group classes like spinning.

Luteal phase (Days 22-28)

  • How you feel: Attention turning inward. Time to rest and spend time at home. Check off to-do lists.

  • What to eat: Earthy, grounding foods like soups and root vegetables. Organic berries to curb cravings.

  • How to exercise: Stretching and restorative yoga.

How to start:

Remember that your body is unique from everyone else’s; take time to understand and learn your body by tracking your own menstrual cycle lengths and personal pattern. If you’ve recently come off hormone birth control, it will take some time to get back into your natural


It may take up to three months to learn your cycle and identify approximately how long each phase lasts. You will feel your body responding naturally to each phase, so don’t worry! By syncing with your cycle, you’re giving yourself the power choose the best for you body, and in turn your body will appreciate the care you’re giving it.

Just go with the flow!


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