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Periods are not Just For Pregnancy, Leveraging your body's intelligence to biohack your health

Fete Magazine periods are not just for pregnancy

This article was initially featured in Fete Magazine.

Periods are not just for pregnancy. Yes, you read that right!

It seems like every way the period and women’s menstrual health is discussed is either related to sex, baby-creation or contraception. But what if the period meant more?

Surely, the intricate hormonal symphony responsible for the creation of all our lives has more to it?

And it does.

A woman’s menstrual cycle (and her monthly ovulation) is an eco-indicator of her health! What does that mean? An eco-indicator is an indicator of a healthy environment. It’s like when there are many frogs living in an area, it is a signal of the environment’s health because they live both on land and in the water with thin skin that absorbs toxins, radiation and diseases easily-- the amphibians have higher demand for low-toxicity environments.

So the number of frogs are to an environment what period consistency and symptoms are to a woman’s health.

With that being said, 30% of the world’s women have irregular cycles. That is nothing to be ashamed of. But it is an incredible opportunity to check in and think back: am I taking care of myself? How could I prioritize myself in my day?

Our bodies are always speaking to us.

Women have this incredible power as a 5th vital sign to get real time feedback on how they are doing.

We are living in unprecedented times. Both in modern times, and for women joining the workforce that was unfortunately designed for men. Modern lives often support chronic stress- the amount of screen time we often have to clock, and the burden of house work and emotional work that tends to fall on women can lead to high stress levels..

Interestingly, when we’re chronically stressed as women, the adrenals signal the HPA axis (think fight-or-flight mode) communicating with hormone regulation to release less progesterone. In the symphony of 4 hormones - estrogen, progesterone, Luteinizing hormone (LH) and Follicular stimulating hormone (FSH), the balance is thrown off. This can often result in irregular periods, more PMS, and not feeling your greatest.

So what did we set out to do?

We created Flöka to help you stay in your flow state - both in life and in hormones. It exists to help figure out what seems to be working best for you. Are you having more consistent cycles when you get 3 workouts in per week? What phase does most of your acne show up? Maybe you’re getting a better sleep when you meditate before bed.

Floka connects A to B to help you optimize your unique health. Because we’re all different.

It got started when I had this exact problem - and there was no technology out there to help me solve it. I realized a lot of femtech was made by men who often get involved in women’s health either when supporting their partners in contraceptive efforts, or when they were trying to get pregnant together. Which is cool, but what about before that? What about a woman’s health independent of those goals? What if you are single, or not heterosexual, or you are partnered with a man but your focus is on you and optimizing your health?

That’s what Floka was created for. She’s here for you and her only goal is for you to feel your best.

If this matters to you, let us know your thoughts. Our whole team is so focused on being helpful, we answer every note and would love to hear your story. At Flöka, you are our heroes and we’d love feedback on how to keep building for women just like you.