Frequently asked questions

Where does the name "FLÖKA" come from?

Great question! It actually came to us from putting together the idea of the mental state of 'flow' with 'ka'- which was a way for our founder to incorporate a piece of her Oma (grandmother's) nickname- as she was a big part of the inspiration and positive sentiment behind the brand. We want to evoke the sense of calm felt when you receive effortless support, to keep you in a state of flow- and we want to do this employing the use of positive psychology. So why the Ö? To us, it's a visual representation of a holistic attitude. It's an empahsis on the whole picture. We also later learned that "Flöka" means "open", which just felt beautiful.

Help with Getting Started?

We're glad you asked! So the first step is to connect the connected health apps you already have been using, so that you don't have to start from scratch. You can learn more about out 6 pillars (sleep, mind, nutrition, fitness, beauty, cycle) here. If this is connected correctly, you should be able to see your step, sleep, and cycle day data in the Flöka app once you're in. If you already have data, and it's not showing up- and you're connected through the iOS "Health App" - try connecting the app you're pulling from to Healthkit. For example, you can pull your pull your period app data by connecting it to the Health App. Next, voice your concerns! By explaining what you want and need through the goals in the app, it will help us make decisions on what to launch first. By sending us Feedback, we'll be listening closely to improve Flöka based off your needs and goals.

Can I use the app without a wearable?

Yes! Here are some ways to record different types wearable information without one- 1. "The Clock app"- setting your regular bedtime and wake time in the clock app helps Apple get more accurate information on when you've headed to bed. You can also use a more specialized sleeping app- where you can plug your phone into the wall and have it lay into your pillow (on airplane mode of course). 2. Steps! If 'moves' is activated- you should already have basic step information recorded through your phone. If you want to use your phone instead of a wearable, keep it will you when walking, and moving about throughout the day. 3. Any other app that connects to HealthKit/ The Apple Health App (most apps on the App store connect!). For example, you can share all of your meditation or cycle data from other apps- and gain inisghts from them with Flöka.

Does FLÖKA connect to AppleWatch?

You bet! Flöka is able to read all of the movement data from Apple Watch, as long as you enable through the Health App.

I am a new user! Is there a guide?

Yes! We made one just for you, and you can easily access our guide by going to the app's main menu and clicking Settings > Help > Guide. You can also directly access the guide by visiting

How do I share feedback?

We would absolutely love to hear any feedback that you may have! You can easily go to the flöka app to find the feedback button on the main menu and directly input your feedback there. Alternatively, you can also email us at We read each and every single piece of feedback that we receive and reply! We're here to listen so that we can build the best product to support your needs! Flöka is co-created with the community, and you are such an important part of our process.

How does the voice feature work in the app?

We wanted to make recording your data simple - so we included a voice function where you can record information by speaking directly to Flöka! When available, simply tap on the micrphone button to start recording. We use Natural Language Processing, which allows our technology to understand what you're saying, so feel free to speak to Flöka like you normally do!

Is FLÖKA available for Android?

Not yet! Our team is working on it! If you want to stay updated on when our android version will be released, join our mailing list here:

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