Frequently asked questions

Where does the name "FLÖKA" come from?

Great question! It actually came to us from putting together the idea of the mental state of 'flow' with 'ka'- which was a way for our founder to incorporate a piece of her Oma (grandmother's) nickname- as she was a big part of the inspiration and positive sentiment behind the brand. We want to evoke the sense of calm felt when you receive effortless support, to keep you in a state of flow- and we want to do this employing the use of positive psychology. So why the Ö? To us, it's a visual representation of a holistic attitude. It's an empahsis on the whole picture. We also later learned that "Flöka" means "open", which just felt beautiful.

I am a new user! Is there a guide?

Yes! It's inside the App :)