Our vision is to change the way technology intersects with women's lives, for it to be highly anticipatory, positive and supportive as women move throughout life's stages. We believe that you are the expert on your body, and what you need is individual to you. 


We believe that health should be centred around feeling good about yourself. We created this technology to empower women to take their health and wellness in their own hands by setting their own goals.

Your health is all connected but the connected health landscape is siloed and focuses on individual points of your health like sleep and fitness. We designed FLÖKA to connect the dots in your health to understand who you are as a whole. By doing so, we can show you trends like the relationships between different facets of your health -like how your breakouts could be related to the amount of sleep you get- and provide you with personalized recommendations on how you can achieve the health goals you set for yourself. We recognized that seeing you as a whole person was of incredible power, as we could add the most value to your experience and daily regimen. 

FLÖKA is there to support you on your wellness journey, adapting with you as your health goals change and providing personalized recommendations. 


-That technology built by a diversity of perspectives is better technology, and that technology for women should be designed by women. And it needs to acknowledge what you need as a whole person. We involve you every step of the way in the design process and iteration, so that you have a voice in the design process of the future of the technology that is built for you. 

-That your data is yours, and that if you are going to give data science companies the privilege of your time, its priority should be giving you value back, that is unique for you, right away. 

-That the future of technology is empathetic. Empathy is the core principle that guides us in helping users, wherever they are, and supporting them to achieve the goals unique to them. 







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