It's All Connected 

FLÖKA is the one place that connects the dots between all aspects of your health. By understanding the whole you, we can provide better support as you set and work towards your goals. 


Curated support from the background of your life


Voice your health and beauty goals and concerns to FLÖKA's ai

Our experience is designed to make no detail irrelevant


Automate and track the relationships between the different facets of your health. Measure your holistic routine and which patterns are working best for you.


We deliver unique optimization points and recommendations. Discover your unique relationships- empowering connecting the dots between actions and outcomes

When it comes to your regimen, what works for you is not always what works for everyone else. You are unique

Imagine one place that connects the dots between your actions and outcomes. 


Flöka uses the scientific method to discover your individualized trends and curate actionable holistic insights 


Welcome to the end of one-size fits all wellness 

Optimize your regimen 

Uncover your unique trends

Accelerate your Goals


"Inside women's circles are intimate places where we air our deepest secrets, and find solutions to all concerns. We acknowledged that just as this powerful context, lifestyle solutions for women need to be as intelligent and individualized, accounting for the complete portrait of a women's life. With that in mind we architected our technology infrastructure to focus first on listening."

Simplify biohacking
Gain your unique wellness trends
Be the first to try the app 
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